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Business analysis is all about solving problems! What kind of problems, you might ask? Well, any problem that arises from a moneymaking activity. That could be a billion dollar corporation down to a small mom and pop grocery store. It could even apply to problems that an individual is having with her profitable hobby or that an investor is having with his wealth building activities (npv and irr).

If you are a small to a medium sized company needing help to solve business related problems, then this website is for you. You probably can't afford to have Phds and MBAs solve your problems. You don't need to be a certified business analyst to figure out your business. You are the one who needs a quick solution to the roadblocks that threaten or limit your income and opportunities. With my website,I want to help you to make more money. Start by searching my website for the answer to your business problem, using the search tool in the upper right hand corner.

Business Analysis Problems Solved

Welcome to my business analysis website. My name is Dee Reavis. As an industrial engineer, I have specialized in finding ways to solve business problems. It is amazing how a relatively simple technique can yield big results. I invite you to explore this website. You may well find business analysis methodologies that will save your company thousands of dollars. Remember that a dollar saved, solving your venture's problems, is the same as a dollar earned.

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